I have more than 13 years of experience in social change, focused on human and organisational development. I’ve been working as facilitator, consultant and coach, designing educational programs, coaching and mentoring leaders, entrepreneurs and educators into a socially responsive and life-supporting thinking and action.

Ever since I became a mother, in 2014, I understood the need to work mostly in the field of women empowerment and gender equality I recognised dormant potentials, activated by the mother-child relationship, as well as been pressured by gender stereotypes like never before. 

I have prioritised my role as Consultant in Gender Equality and Coach for Women and Mothers in Transition. "In transition" because the common and individual sense of what it is to be a woman and to be a mother is in transit - and it is necessary for women, men and the organisations we build to know how to cooperate with this change whose time has come: opening space, building new references and changing our dynamics of man-woman relationship at home, at work, in society. It is at the service of this cultural, political and social change that I am.

Ever since, I have been accompanying hundreds of women in their processes of change, of becoming who they genuinely are and who they want to be as professionals, mothers, daughters, lovers… And to be responsive and creative to the world and its demands. 

My latest projects are: Matrix Force - impacts and possibilities of motherhood for urban women, a mini documentary that discusses the (social) value of motherhood (www.vimeo.com/fmatriz); Consultancy on Culture Change for Gender Equality - Talks, Workshops, Facilitation of thematic Working Groups, Coaching for Women’s Leadership and designing new policies for women’s career that include parenthood, such as parental leaving and the preparation of team managers to welcome women/men that return from it. Latest companies I worked with: Uber, Bradesco, WebMotors, Ambev, Anglo American;  GCM - Group Coaching for Mothers (online and offline), a program that explore 4 aspects of change in women’s life after motherhood: Identity, Time, Work/Carreer and Marriage; Between Us: practices of dialogue between man and woman/ co-parents; Improvement for Professionals who Work with Women, a 1 year program based on Social Reflexive Practice, for professionals reflect on their practices and enhance their capacity of observation and intervention.

I have degree on Law (PUC - Catholic University of São Paulo) and Communication (USP - São Paulo University), I'm post graduated on Human Rights (USP - São Paulo University), Communication Management (USP - São Paulo University) and Yoga (FMU), and specialist in Psychosynthesis (Psychosynthesis Center, São Paulo - https://www.psychosynthesis.org/). I’ve been learning Goethean Phenomenology and Social Reflexive Practice with Allan Kaplan since 2006 (Proteus Initiative - http://www.proteusinitiative.org/) and am part of the Global Community of Delicate Activism, based on South Africa. 


Portfolio: Talks and More

In addition to talks, I offer the knowledge of thousands of hours of listening to the new needs of women and men in order to compose maternity / paternity and career, and design along with you processes that support your company on the path of Gender Equality. Download my Portfolio to know everything we can do together.



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